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Welcome to Bingham's Custom Meats

Brat Madness Bracket Challenge

Brat Madness is finally here! This year you have a chance in winning two different prizes! There are two different bracket competitions that you can enter. The winner of our Grand Prize Smoker Bracket will receive a Camp Chef Smoker Grill. THE GRILL MUST BE PICKED UP IN STORE! The winner of our Shipper Knife Set Bracket will receive a set of F.Dick knives and a four pack Bingham's Custom Seasoning Set. One entry per bracket per person. All entries need to submitted by March 10th 2024.

To Enter:

1. Click on a bracket below to download.

2. Print and fill out your bracket and submit in one of the following ways.

 Email to

 Send us a DM on Instagram @binghamscustommeats

 Drop your bracket off at the shop

Be sure to include contact information with your bracket submissions.

Grand Prize Smoker

Shipper Knife set

BratMadnessBracket copy.1.jpeg
BratMadnessBracket shipper.1.jpeg
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